White Oak (Crown-Cut)

White Oak (Crown-Cut)

Red Oak (Crown-Cut)

Red Oak (Crown-Cut)


Oak wood is very strong, heavy, and durable. It is an attractive light color with a prominent grain that is resistant to fungal attack. Oak is one of the most popular woods used in furniture and flooring.


Oak trees are found all over the world. They’re native to most states in the US as well. Because oak is so widely available, a great variety of oak can be sourced quite easily.


It’s often found in traditional, craftsman, and mission style furniture and is the wood of choice for the Amish. One of the reasons why oak can take on so many different looks is that there isn’t a single type of oak tree. There are actually more than 60 varieties growing across the United States alone. When it comes to furniture making and other uses around the home, the most common species are red and white oak. Both are stunning choices and work well in busy homes because of their durability.


White oak tends to be a light beige through brown, while red oak has pinkish and reddish hues. Oak wood may darken slightly over time, taking on more amber tones. This happens due to exposure to oxygen and UV light, making it a largely unavoidable process. When it comes to oak furniture, most people won’t even realize the change is happening, as the color change is fairly subtle. They may catch on if they purchase a set one piece at a time or try to add in a new piece years down the road hoping for a match. For this reason, it’s generally better to purchase a full set all at once. oak wood’s light coloring makes it a great candidate for staining as well. A wide variety of options are available, so it’s easy to customize your furniture to look the way you want it to based on your personal style or the décor of your home.

Justin Schnettler