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Decorá offers a large selection of interior accessories and convenience items makes it easy to store everything a hectic household needs.

With a selection of door styles ranging from contemporary to traditional, an unparalleled palette of stains and custom paints, a large assortment of luxury storage solutions and a multitude of custom capabilities, Decorá has all that’s needed to dream up a design that embodies your unique style. Every Decorá cabinet is hand crafted in Jasper Indiana, an American woodworking and furniture-making hub since German furniture makers founded the town in the 1800s.

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Door Styles

With more than 62 door styles to choose from, a variety of wood types and door shapes, Decorá has a lot to offer for your new or remodeled kitchen. Taking personalization one step further, Decorá offers a variety of shapes for the outside edge of your cabinet doors as well.

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Finish palettes includes broad, beautiful colors representing an entire spectrum of wood tones, glazes and brushed finishes. Their comprehensive paint program offers 30 preselected fail-safe choices, 2000+ Sherwin Williams® paints, and a custom color program for maximum personalization.

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Cabinet Interiors

Beauty and function — think inside the box with Decorá interiors. Every square inch offers an opportunity to enhance the larger environment by streamlining your work flow with thoughtful storage solutions. There are many options to make your kitchen conveniently yours.



From accents like corbels and moldings to legs, feet, and beyond Decorá offers embellishments to make your new cabinets one-of-a-kind and completely your own. There are dozens of embellishments to choose from. See them all at the link below.


Decorative Doors

Carefully chosen details bring personality to a room. This includes your cabinet’s doors. Take your pick of door inserts, profiles, panels, glass, and more.



Decorá hardware will help you put those finishing touches on your brand new kitchen. If you need help click here for a choosing cabinet hardware guide.